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We offer free estimates to individuals and businesses in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area.  It is one of our ways to introduce our professional services to you.  We know that we have to do more than our competition to earn your trust and business. 

You may be surprised how much money you can save.  We are normally less than our competitors, accompanied with quality and professional workmanship in mind from start to finish.

We will come in person to your place of residence or business and provide a free estimate.  Below are just some of the services that FireWater Services, Inc. provides.


On-Site Management Training
On-Site Company Training
NFPA 25 Fire Pump Instruction
NFPA 25 Wet System Instruction
NFPA 25 Dry System Instruction
NFPA 25 Preaction System Instruction


Fire Pump Inspection
Backflow Device Inspection (Fire & Domestic)
Wet Fire Sprinkler Suppression Inspection
Dry Fire Sprinkler Suppression Inspection
Anti-Freeze Loops
Preaction Sprinkler Suppression Inspection
Deluge Sprinkler Suppression Inspection
Private Fire Hydrants


Relocation Of Existing Sprinkler Heads
Renovation Of Existing Sprinkler System
Wet Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
Dry Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
Anti-Freeze Fire Sprinkler Suppression Sub-System
Preaction Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
Deluge Sprinkler Suppression System
FM-200 Fire Suppression System
Above & Below Ground Hydraulic Testing
Conversion From Wet To Dry Fire Suppression System
Routine Inspection & Maintenance Services

After examining our services and experience, we hope you will be impressed with our qualifications.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or you may also contact us on-line.  We are ready and able to provide you with a no obligation quote for your project.

To discuss residential or business sprinkler systems, call (281) 855-1970.


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