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 FYI: Clean Agent (Nitrogen Gas) Fire Suppression System  

 System A ( Packaged )

Applicable for small-scale computer rooms, generator rooms, telecommunication facilities and storage rooms for fine arts
  1. Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Zero Global Warming Potential
  2. No condensation of humid in the air and does not affect visibility
  3. No chemical and physical damages
  4. Longer life time for fire suppression

System B ( Multiple Zones )

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  1. Zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential, since it employs nitrogen gas, 78% of the air as the fire suppression agent
  2. No toxicity to human beings
  3. Low cost to refill
  4. Adjustable pressure for existing piping classes
  5. No damage to properties
  6. Clear Views to exits - clear visibility
  7. Centralized cylinder station allowed

Computer rooms, machine rooms & museums

To discuss residential or business sprinkler systems, call (281) 855-1970, or you may contact us on-line.

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