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 FYI: Deluge Fire Suppression System  

The basic design of the deluge automatic sprinkler system is a modification of the wet and the dry pipe automatic sprinkler systems.  The deluge sprinkler system has two important and distinct modifications.  First, the system is equipped with open sprinklers or nozzles.  Secondly, because the sprinklers and nozzles do not have heat-responsive elements, and the system operates automatically, a separate detection system is provided.  This detection system activates the deluge valve, which discharges water from every open device that is connected to the deluge system piping controlled by the specific deluge valve.  The characteristic multi-sprinkler large-area water discharge identifies the deluge automatic sprinkler system as a "deluge" system.

The deluge automatic sprinkler system is designed for and installed in areas of severe fuel hazard where a fast-spreading fire can be expected to occur, such as buildings or occupancies with flammable liquid hazards, woodworking shops, cooling towers, explosive or ordnance plants, and aircraft hangers.  If a fire occurred in one of these types of occupancies, a wet pipe or dry pipe automatic sprinkler system with individually fusing standard sprinklers could not control the rapid fire spread.

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