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 FYI: Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System  

The dry pipe automatic sprinkler system was developed from the wet pipe sprinkler system and was created primarily as a result of the need for automatic sprinkler protection in unheated occupancies and structures.  The original dry pipe valves were developed as differential valves.  The first practical valve was the Grinnell Bellows differential valve, which was patented in 1885.  A number of mechanical dry-pipe valves were also developed, and were widely used until the 1930's.

The dry pipe system is connected to a reliable water supply, usually a public or private water main, and is equipped with an indicating type of water control valve, a fire department connection, and the dry pipe valve.  Because the dry pipe system is used primarily in unheated occupancies, the dry-pipe valve must be protected from freezing.  A location in the heated portion of a structure, such as an office in a warehouse occupancy, or in a separate heated enclosure (identified as a dry-pipe valve enclosure) protects the valve from freezing.

The dry pipe automatic sprinkler system requires a system of piping similar to the wet pipe system.  However, the dry-pipe sprinkler system does not contain water above the dry-pipe valve in the system, but air or nitrogen under pressure.  The air pressure restrains the water in the supply main at the clapper arrangement of the dry-pipe valve.

For an excellent animated illustration of a dry pipe system, go here.  A new window will open.  When you are finished, simply close this new window and you will return to this web page. 

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