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 TRAINING: NFPA 25 Wet Pipe Instruction  

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Emergencies seldom give warning before they strike.  Thus, it is essential that fire protection equipment be inspected, tested, and maintained to be certain it is operable at all times.  To accomplish this, management must establish an effective fire protection equipment inspection program that meets the minimum requirements of the guidelines set forth in NFPA 25.

Wet fire sprinkler systems deteriorates with time.  They are also vulnerable to external influences such as corrosive environments, tampering, and accidental damages.  Further, since wet fire protection devices are used infrequently, they must be inspected and tested regularly to determine their condition, operability, and need for routine maintenance.  Detecting an unsatisfactory condition prior to an emergency is far better than discovering it during the emergency.

To this end, FireWater Services, Inc. will dispatch a qualified technician to conduct an on-site training seminar concerning your wet fire sprinkler system.  To discuss residential or business NFPA 25 wet sprinkler system instruction with one of our representatives, please call (281) 855-1970 or you may contact us on-line.

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